The consequences of trauma can also be successfully treated with constellation work.

Trauma is a dangerous life-threatening event, for example a risky situation in the womb or at birth, an experience of separation as a toddler (a stay in a hospital or in a children’s home), a serious accident, threatening war experiences, kidnapping, rape, sexual abuse or witnessing a deadly accident of a related person.

If trauma is not adequately dealt with, the following symptoms may appear years or even decades later:

Anxiety and panic states, depression, physical pain, relationship disorders and the unconscious rejection of happiness, fulfillment and success.

Basicely, there are 3 types of trauma:

  1. Trauma in your own biography, for example in the womb, in childhood or adolescence

  2. Trauma in an earlier incarnation

  3. Trauma in former generations of the family system, for example war-experiences of parents, grandparents or great-grandparents

Trauma Constellation Work (TCW) has evolved from Systemic Constellation Work. In a trauma constellation you can find out whether your actual symptom is caused by a previous trauma and at which level (biography, previous incarnation, family system) it can be found. Once the related trauma is identified the part of the soul which is still frozen in the shock of the trauma situation can be very gently reintegrated during the constellation. This powerful healing movement leads to more completeness and greater freedom in your current life situation.

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