Systemic Constellation Work (SCW) is a method of obtaining valuable information about the connections within a system. This brings great advantage if you want to solve a problem.
The core of systemic constellations is the fact that the representatives who are standing in the systemic position of a person during a constellation receive information about the condition of this person. They begin to feel just like the person represented. One speaks of "Representative Perception". Obviously, an energetic informational field exists that stores information about human relationships and past events.

Systemic constellation work was developed more than 30 years ago by Bert Hellinger for the family system. Family constellation is successful as a recognized psychotherapy method worldwide.

Subsequently the constellation work has been extended to other systems such as symptom and organ systems, international relations, ecosystems and economic systems in the business world.

Dr. Rauscher co-developed some of these new forms of systemic constellations and, above all, perfected
symptom-constellations and the trauma-constellations. A new development is the Shamanic Systemic Constellation, in which he integrates the shamanic-energetic healing method "Healing voices" into the constellation work.

In recent years, the perspective of constellation work is increasingly expanding towards collective levels in which collective traumas such as war, genocide and displacement are better understood in their impact on the entire population. In this process new opportunities for collective healing emerge.
Read the
lecture "Collective Healing", a transcript of Dr. Rauscher’s keynote speech at the North American Systemic Constellations Conference “Bridging the Divide” in Virginia Beach 2017.

Dr. Rauscher works with the following types of constellations:

Family Constellation

Symptom Constellation

Organ Constellation

Shamanic Constellation

Systemic Trauma- Constellation (personal Trauma, collective Trauma)

Business Constellation

Systemic Coaching for managers

Systemic Constellations of international relationships

Ecological Constellations (Relationsip Man - Nature - Mother Earth)

His textbook „Training in Systemic Constellations“ was published in German 2003.



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