Let your body talk

Your body is your friend.
Like a friend, it speaks to you in his own language. The only language available to the body are the symptoms, such as pain, discomfort, rashes, fever, weakness and so on. The soul also uses symptoms such as depression, anxiety and discontentment to make itself clear.
The symptom constellation has developed out of
family constellation work. It helps to understand the language of the body and the soul. This is important and helpful because symptoms and illnesses usually carry messages that we need for healing, happy relationships and professional success. If you understand the message of a symptom, the symptom has done its job, can decrease now or disappear completely.

Your body is intuitively connected to the "system" of your life and therefore has great wisdom. Its messages help you to make the right decisions in critical situations and to find joy, contentment and happiness again.

In workshops or private sessions, you can look at your symptom or disease in a constellation and find out what message your symptom wants to bring to you:

Improve your health

  1. Learn to understand the language of your body

  2. Take the symptoms of your body seriously.
    Pain, discomfort, rashes, fever, weakness, inflammation etc. bring an important message

  3. Love your body

Discover elevated mood in yourself

  1. Learn to understand the language of your soul

  2. Take the symptoms of your soul seriously.
    Sadness, anger, dissatisfaction and longing tell you something

  3. Love your soul

  4. Come in peace with yourself

Find your way

  1. The messages of your symptoms are signs on your own personal way. Trust them!

Improve your relationships

  1. Learn how your symptoms improve your relationships simply by releasing blocked energy

For more information read the article „Disease as a chance“


We all belong together