1. 1.- 3.11.19: Masterclass „Symptom-Constellations“ in Buenos Aires  (English, Spanish)

15. - 17.11.19: Atlantis - The new form of Community in Argentina  (English, Spanisch)

19. - 21.6.20: „Men, Women and Peace“ in Ohlstadt, Bavaria (English, German)



Workshop:  „Masterclass Symptom-Constellation“ in Argentina (E, S)

                        Healing with Symptom-Constellations and Healing Voices

The body is our friend. It is much wiser than we. In this masterclass, you learn to listen to its voice. Symptoms and illnesses, whether physical or mental, bring messages which show the real cause in the background, for example personal trauma, trans-generational trauma in the family system or collective burdens that have been affecting the society.

You learn how to detect collective trauma in the system, which often are the consequences of war, expulsion and genocide or the disrespect and oppression of women by patriarchal systems and religions.

To teach the main techniques of a symptom-constellation Dr. Rauscher will set up some of the participants' symptoms and illnesses systemically and find the healings solutions.

In individual cases, especially in victim-perpetrator areas, in which the classic tools of Systemic Constellation Work are not sufficient to find a healing reaction Dr. Rauscher will introduce the innovative energetic-shamanic healing method “Healing Voices”, which he has developed in the last 20 years. The healing energies which appear are effective during the work with “Healing Voices” deepens the healing experience in the constellation in a powerful way.

In this workshop you can learn or improve your techniques in symptom constellation work, find out how to introduce and follow the messages of symptoms and diseases, find the healing path and learn to integrate personal and collective trauma into the healing process.

All participants, whether they are experiencing their personal constellation, standing as a representative in a systemic role or witnessing systemic or shamanic healing movements in the outer circle, will benefit from this collective experience. 

Facilitor:   Dr. med. Karl-Heinz Rauscher


Location:  Buonos Aires

Date:   1. - 3. November 2019

Registration:   Signos Ediciones


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Workshop:  „Atlantis - The new Form of Community“ (E, S)

                        in Chascomús, Argentina

Community is the foundation of human existence. Without community, our earliest ancestors would not have survived. We need the community to solve the urgent problems of our time.
The "Atlantis" community gives us a new framework in which a truly global community can arise.
In this 3-day-workshop you will learn to find yourself and thus become a valuable part of the community "Atlantis". You will experience what it means to give up any devaluation of yourself and everyone else. By that, you will get the ticket to stand in the "Circle of all" of the community "Atlantis" and to meet everyone else at eye level.
The community "Atlantis" does not originate outside, but you create the community from within, by having high respect for yourself and everyone else and by giving something into the middle for the benefit of all.
In the workshop you will make important experiences with yourself in interaction with nature, with other people and whole humanity. You can experience how the new community "Atlantis" is forming around you and what it feels like to be a respected, even indispensable part of the whole.

Facilitor:   Dr. med. Karl-Heinz Rauscher


Location:  Chascomús, Argentina

Date:   15. - 17. November 2019

Registration:    Signos Ediciones


                           WhatsApp Graciela: +54 9 11-4147-4991



Seminar:  „Men, Women and Peace“ in Ohlstadt, Bavaria   (E, G)     

                      Finally a way to a wonderful relationship

This integrative workshop experience offers an opportunity to explore connections between our personal and familial destinies and the larger forces like non-personal conflicts such as race-, class-, religious, civil or international wars that may have shaped our experiences as men and women in our relationship patterns and capacity for intimacy, often for generations. In order to release the burdens of the past, Karl-Heinz and Anngwyn, offer a peaceful atmosphere of mutual respect, and the benefit of their combined expertise within an innovative combination of trauma and systemic constellation work designed to address the overt and covert causes of pain, conflict and misunderstandings between men and women.

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Facilitators:  Anngwyn St. Just, Ph.D. (USA)

                        Dr. med. Karl-Heinz Rauscher

Date:   19. - 21. Juni 2020

             Fr 3 pm - Su 5:30 pm


Location:  Tagungshotel Alpenblick, 82441 Ohlstadt, Germany

Workshop Fee: 600 Euro

Registration: Uta Marie Reinbach


                      Tel: +49-8803-63 98 502


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