In the last years Dr. Rauscher integrates the shamanic-energetic healing method “Healing Voices”, which he developed in the last 15 years, into the constellation work. He calls this combined work "Shamanic Systemic Constellation". Especially in situations where the classical tools of a constellation are not enough to find a profound healing solution “Healing Voices” often improves the outcome significantly.

Apparently, in addition to the "knowing field" in which the information about human relations and former events, which we normally access through systemic constellation work, come from there is a "healing informational field" in which the impulses for the shamanic-energetic healing are stored. During the shamanic healing, Dr. Rauscher is only a medium. He steps into the systemic role of the “healers” and follows the fine impulses of the healing energy through gestures and sounds.

The result is so particularly touching and intense, because not only you as a client will feel a significant relief, but also the souls of your ancestors who may be stuck in a traumatic situation of the past benefit from this healing movement. Finally, they can continue on their way. This brings noticeable and persistent relief for you.


We all belong together