The Principle of Unity

The fact that everything is connected with everything was revealed to Dr. Rauscher

24 years ago through a spiritual experience at a retreat in the Black Forest. He calls it “The principle of unity”. Ever since he sees his task in making this basic principle of life accessible to everybody.

In his book “The principle of unity”, which was published in German in 2017, he writes about the applicability of this principle on personal life issues and the major problems of mankind of our time.

We all belong together. Nobody exists alone. Man is part of a great whole like everything else, part of the earth, part of nature, part of humanity, part of a nation, part of a clan, part of a family, part of friends. To respect the other people, the partner, the other nations, nature and the earth as equal vis-à-vis, shows a deep understanding and, as soon as practiced, solves most of the pending problems. The path of mankind wants to lead to more consciousness, thus towards more health, satisfaction and happiness.

It is Dr. Rauscher's concern to understand the human condition in all its aspects and with this knowledge support his clients to form personalities which reach their greatness for which they were planned from within, both in private and professional fields.


We all belong together