Medicine Wheel - Constellation

Dr. med. Karl-Heinz Rauscher

Co-Authors (as far as they wish to appear with name):

Irene Maria Baumeister, Brigitte Buchfellner, Monika Diete, Anton Gall, Ilona Haug, Jakob Haug,
Wolfgang Hans Peter Heckel, Kerstin Hilgenberg,
Eva-Maria Hirzel-Griding, Marion Massano, Magnus Möst,
Irmgard Rosa Maria Rauscher,
Sandra Rem, Berchtold Wasser, Dr. Sandra Wiedemann-Bickl, Bruno Wilhelm

Following months of preparation the day finally arrived on September 1, 2001. We, a training group for Systemic Constellation Work (SCW) in Germany, ventured to set up a systemic constellation within a Medicine Wheel, which was constructed with big stones by a shaman of Nativ American roots months ago. Our intention was to listen as to what the different qualities of the Medicine Wheel, incorporated by the stones, would have to say to us as humans. What might we learn from the Medicine Wheel for a better and wiser life?

A Medicine  Wheel  pattern looks something like a wagon wheel lying on its side and is often constructed by laying out stone patterns on the ground. Originally a Native American tradition this  construct has been more recently employed in sacred technologies throughout the world. Medicine Wheels can represent the sacred Circle of Life, Four Cardinal Directions and elements with animal totems serving as guardians. There is often a cairn of center stones with “spokes” of  lines  of rocks radiating out to the cardinal directions along with inner and outer circles, as well.

These are the stones and qualities in the Medicine Wheel: (see illustration)

After months of SCW training , twenty five participants were purified by burning sage at the entrance to the North, and then gathered to form a circle  within  the Medicine Wheel.  As we began  I offered a prayer and  then assigned a position for every participant in the Medicine Wheel  to serve as  representatives. These following positions were represented:


Creator (Great Spirit)

This position held several times by me ( Facilitator of the constellation)

Inner Circle:

Father Sun

Mother Earth

Grandmother Moon

Element: Earth

Element: Water

Element: Fire

Element: Air


Radiating North: purification, renewal, purity

Radiating East: clarity, wisdom, enlightenment

Radiating South: growth, trust, love

Radiating: West: experience, insight, strength

Outer circle:

The Four  Cardinal Directions:

Guardian of the North:  White Buffalo: Winter

Guardian of the East: Eagle: Spring

Guardian of the South: Coyote: Summer (or wolve in Europe)

Guardian of the West: Grizzly: Autumn

Further positions in the outer circle: Added during the constellation:

First Moon = The Moon of a new beginning (First month of a new circle of the year)

Second Moon (Second month)

Third Moon (Third month)

First Man, who looks and beholds = First Man
(During the constellation it gets clear, that this position stands for the human being as such, which obviously is at the starting point of a new circle, a new era.)

The Animals

Second Man

Third Man

(In the following Capital letters point out, that this is a position set up in the constellation)

I asked the representatives to speak, one at a time:

White Buffalo: “He feels deeply moved and cries out with silent screams of inner birth”.

Eagle: “Watch out and take good care.”

Coyote: “Show humility”.

Bear: “Man! What have you done with your gifts given by your Creator?  What have you made of your Creator?”

Before it was the spokes‘ turn the four guardian spirits of the cardinal directions had the opportunity to speak again.

White Buffalo: “I am the energy of deliverance. I have nothing more to say. You already know what you have to do.” 

I then touched the positions of the spokes with my drumstick, as a sign that it was their turn. The representatives didn’t know how their position was named.

Purification speaks: “The wheel sustains. ”

Renewal speaks: “It all is in limbo. Everyone is requested .”

Purity speaks: “Grizzly, turn around and look what is happening behind your back.”

Eagle: “Not every wind carries…”

Clarity speaks: “Fertility is endangered.”

Wisdom:  “I give you visions.”

Enlightenment:  “Gentleness and strength are one energy”.  and “I come to you through trust.”

Coyote: “Show humility and protect yourself against arrogance.”

Growth: “Use all the engergies for my purpose. Have courage. Follow your path.“

Trust speaks: “Heavy like earth and deeply rooted”.

Love speaks: “Open up to beauty.”


“Man! Respect the Creator and His wonderful creation.”

“Man! Respect all life.”

“Man! Look into your heart.”

“Man! Act after your heart and your feelings.”

“Man! Allow love to be again.”

“Man! I, the grizzly, keeper of the West have no further strength. I am powerless …  crushed by your numbness, your coldness and eagerness for power.”

“Man! I can no longer support and protect you.”

“Man! Turn back. Allow love to come into your heart.”

“Man! Finally start.”

Experience speaks:  “Be vigilant in love.”

Insight speaks:  “I am connected with the divine power of Heaven. I am the source of wisdom. Drink from me.”

Strength keeps quiet. It wavers. It has no power.

I now ask Mother Earth, who has fallen to  the ground, curled up in pain: „Mother earth should speek, if there is something to say.“

Mother Earth: “So much has happened and yet it is not seen”

Father Sun: “Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon and Father Sun are deeply interconnected. Honor Mother Earth. Without her protection my boundless heat will burn you. Walk upright. Walking upright leads to purity of the spirit”.

Grandmother Moon: “I come from far away.”

Element Earth: “Born out of love - only love sustains.“ 

Element Water: “Look into your hearts and respect that I am integral to life. Make certain that you are not turning me into poison.”

Element Fire: “Pure joy is the energy by which you can express your soul and fulfill yourself.”

Element Air: “Let your spirit grow wings and listen for my song of inspiration. Like the wind you can always turn back.”

The First Moon, the Moon of the first beginning should speak: But the First Moon keeps silent.

I then step into the positions of the Second and Third Moon, which were so far not filled by representatives.

The Second Moon‘s mouth is shut. He looks toward the First Moon and will not speak until the First Moon has spoken.

Third Moon also remains silent and will not speak until First and Second Moon have spoken.

I now ask the Creator if I am allowed to stand in his position as a representative. Upon feeling an affirmative response I now dare to step into the position of the Creator. For this I stand above the creator-stone.

The Creator lets his gaze sweep. He places his left hand upon the left shoulder of Element Earth and doing so sets the image (of the whole wheel) in motion.

Element Earth feels connected with Mother Earth and establishes contact with her with her hands. Element Earth has only a small distance to the Creator. It feels a strong  pull towards the Creator. It has it‘s eyes closed, when the Creator puts his left hand upon it‘s shoulder. With this touch the pull ends and suddenly there is a very great and deep peace in Element Earth, only peace.

In Renewal there is an unrest, almost to the point of despair and yet Renewal has stretched the tentacles in all directions in order to perceive the finest change.

Growth clearly feels bound energies, which move lively, turning in spirals, and which have a strong light and color intensity (rainbow colors).
Being almost walled into the earth Growth is forced to the knees by something. Many messages reach the ear of Growth. It clearly feels  engergy flowing towards it.
As the constellation develops Growth  is more at ease and finds the strength to stand. From the very beginning it shows a great interest in what is happening to the First Man and the First Moon. It feels attracted by this events. Step by step Growth is pulled throughout the medicine wheel. In doing so it feels a very strong, powerful energy, a huge potential that wants to be lived as a force.

The appearance of the Creator changes the flow of energy from Father Sun towards Mother Earth immediately and significantly. Now the flow is gentle and conducive to life. Father Sun raises his arms until his hands reach Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon. Sun, Earth, Moon and the Elements now form a closed circle. Unity and silence reign until the First Man arises.

It appears that nothing will move unless the human being emerges. Therefore the systemic position "Man (mankind)“ is set up between the White Bison and the First Moon.

"Man" is looking at the landscape and the white-blue sky as in a new creation and says:
"Here is the first man who looks and beholds." (behold means here: to create by perceiving)

The "First man who looks and beholds" is deeply moved by the complaints and admonitions of the planets and the elements. In the "First man who looks and beholds" the question arises:

"Do you want to get engaged in this?"

 "Yes," he replies.

"Wholeheartedly," the voice further asked.

"Yes", Man answers.

Immediately after this answer the First man who looks and beholds is allowed to leave his physical body and to look from a higher vantage point with a greater overall view.

He feels himself floating slanted over a city with skyscrapers and factory smokestacks. He sees no human being. Suddenly, like a flood, he senses the feelings, attitudes, beliefs and interests of the people in all these houses. These are extremely materialistic: greed of gain, selfishness, parsimony, avarice, insensibility and many more.
The desire to mediate between man and creation creeps over the "First man who looks and beholds". But he also feels that he cannot accomplish anything by himself. At this point he simultaneously feels the deepest grief, helplessness and sorrow. This provokes most severe emotional outbursts in him.

Only when he experiences help, it get’s easier. The Insight that comes to his aid, changes nothing. Only when Love appears, he feels some effect in such a way that he may realize (by the gush of bad emotions of people weakens in intensity) that with love a reversal can be reached in some of them. But he recognizes that the majority of people are not interested in the creation-related things.

(Now the "First man who looks and beholds" becomes the “First Man”, which is the same, just shorter)

Now the action condenses slowly at the Guardian of the Spirit in the north, the Bison, the First man and the Moon of a new beginning that has no message and is not able to speak.
Element Earth feels the need to create a connection between Mother Earth, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, the elements, the spokes and the Bison up to the First Man. It also expresses that. To the disappointment of the Element Earth, however, only Mother Earth, Sun, Moon and the elements are holding each other by the hands. The Element Earth feels great sorrow, deep confusion and weakness at the Bison and the First Man.
The Element Earth gives way to the strong urge to go to the First Man in order to strengthen him, to connect him to love and to erect him. Determined Element Earth goes to the First Man, stands upright in front of him and lovingly and protectively puts it’s hands on his head, shoulders and chest to allow all power flowing also into his heart. At times the hands are resting quietly on one of those mentioned areas and then they run again very gently and lovingly over his head and face. As soon as Element Earth has touched the First Man, he bursts into tears. Element Earth is  connected to the First Man in his deep emotion and desperation in profound, supportive love and compassion (without being pitiful). Once again Element Earth gives the First Man the message:
"Born out of love - only love bears."

This is a very touching moment of the constellation. It is as if we were present at the act of creation of mankind. This touches the deepest interior and moves to hot tears.

The presence of Element earth seems to fall on fertile ground and helps the First Man to calm down, lets him raise his eyes, look around and perceive what is there.
But the First Man does not know what love is. He asks into the medicine wheel:
"What is love? I do not know what that is, love. "

The Insight is connected to earth and heaven. Its top stretches to the sky. From the direction of the earth Insight is starting to get an itch. The mediator of this sensation are the ants. The Insight is curious about the words of the others, but does initially not feel very related.
Over time, it notices more and more the severity and the suffering around it. It gets touched by the grief of the White Bison. Insight walks over to it, kneels in front of it and bows to it in the belief that this would solve its pain. The White Bison shows no reaction. Now the Insight lays flat in front of it and touches its feet and says to it: “I beg the White Buffalo for salvation"
The White Bison shows no reaction. Again the Insight begs for its blessing and for salvation. But the Bison does not respond.

The Animals are set up between the Man and the White Bison. They look at everything, but not at the Man.
At the appearance of the Animals the Strength feels, that it is needed, and is ready to give the Animals power for the next step. The Strength says to the Animals:
"I'm ready."
The First Man asserts the animals that he would feel so sorry about everything and he also expresses the associated pain and compassion. These are real feelings. But the Animals do not trust Man. They feel precisely that the First Man still cannot act differently or better at the moment.

As the mediator of the constellation I suggest the following sentence of solution spoken by the First Man to the Animals:
"You come before me and I come after you." This sentence relaxes the affair somewhat. But the Animals do not trust Man. They think, there is still something missing. They express this in the moment when, unnoticed by the animals, Confidence approaches.
I say to the Animals: "Look." They look at Confidence and smile. But it is not enough to develop enough confidence in the First Man.

The Animals know:

Man has still not recognized and understood, what the point is. The Animals also feel what man still is missing.
It is the respect for the earth and the greater whole.
The First Man has still not recognized that he is only a part of the whole.

The Animals feel, that the First Man thinks he would be the Most High. He lacks humility, gratitude and modesty. Therefore the Animals cannot develop trust in Man.

The sensation of the Experience is a knowing, old and everything overviewing one.
As the (Medicin-) wheel with the First Moon does not start rolling, the Experience stops short. At the appearance of the First Man, the Experience says to him:
"Say yes to life".
The Experience stretches her arms to the side with the feeling of an ancient knowledge and a notion of having already experienced everything and of wanting to experience further on. The Experience wants to push the action around the First Man and the First Moon. It is attracted by the Guardian of the North, in front of which the Insight is already kneeling. Experience goes there and tries, crowl on all fours, to cheer up the Insight a little, jostles it slightly and nudges it. But the Insight does not like this.

The Experience is sitting down and contributes with all its attention to the "coming into drive, movement and rolling again". It considers:
"Life and the universe is continuing anyway and this tumult in front of me should not get too much seriousness and importance. What once moves and rolls, how our universe is, can and must keep on moving and rolling. Any earthly thing cannot and must not oppose to this". The Experience has not the slightest doubt about this.

The Second and the Third Man (human beings) are set up.
The Second Man has no emotions, is not really present and has nothing to say. He can barely follow what is happening.
The Third Man feels arrogance towards Mother Earth and the entire system. Later the Third Man says to the Moon of renewal of the earth: "Please arise and take over your  place. We need you for unity."

The Element Water is a flowing force, which gives life. It's there from the very beginning and it is of immense importance. It perceives how Man misjudges and disobeys it out of his ego-thinking. Man thinks only of himself and acts without respecting the whole existence.
Out of this attitude he abuses the Element Water, pollutes it and thus also himself, the precious life and the whole existence.
The Element Water perceives that the whole life, and thus also the First Man can not be without it. In full confidence the Element Water provides itself with its entire being for everyone and everything, that lives.

The Element Water goes to the First Man, touches him, flows through him as a whole and perceives which great and strong vitality flows from water towards Man and in every being.
For the Element Water it is a strong, joyful feeling to flow and to give power to all life so it can live and flourish through water in its given great glory. It's like a river of life, which fills and deeply permeates everything. It gives the Element Water the greatest joy to feel and see what can develop and grow through it.
Thus, the Element Water expands, spreads everywhere in existence and regorges over all life. In this process free space arises for the others, which are equal to the water in the whole.
Wherever it is needed for new life, for courage to live, for vitality and for the faith in the whole, Element Water wants to flow in all its clarity and purity. Therefore Element Water has the following message:
"Respect me!! Appreciate life through me, my purity and my clarity. For all life. Always be there in your consciousness. I AM PART OF LIFE FOR EVERMORE. "

Love feels a strong connection to Father Sun and touches his shoulders pleasantly soft. Then Love expands and is giving itself to every single place in this world. It is everywhere. When the Element Earth goes to the First Man Love wants to go with it, but something still holds Love back.
The First Man needs Love, but he still is blind to it. He does not see it. His arrogance is too great. He is too busy with himself.

Love feels much joy giving, being there in every moment without wanting something. Love is here in opulence.

Element Earth keeps moving to the First Moon, which is caught in heavy suffering. Also here the loving touch on head and shoulders is leading to a strong outburst of emotions with crying and great despair. Also here, deep, supportive love, compassion and great strength too is flowing from the Element Earth towards the First Moon.
A little later the First Man expresses that he still is lacking something, and that he would need more insight to accept what happened so far and to be able to implement it.
Immediately resentment, almost rage is raising in Element Earth and it has to give the First Man the message again, this time very urgent and this time already more like a rebuke: “Born out of love - only love sustains!!”
Element Earth knows:
"There is rage about the unreasonableness of the First Man, to follow still the mind and not the heart, still to pursue useless and helpless concepts and not to see the real thing, the essentials, the foundation. What he needs is love. Everything else comes on its own. Love paves the way for it. But without love as a basis everything else is worthless. It needs nothing else to find healing, only love - for anything. Out of love, out of divine love everything is born. It is the very basis on which everything rests. Element Earth is the basic element on which everything stands, rests and is supported. But Element Earth knows that this is so only on a superficial physical level or appears to be, because what really holds is only the Divine love, which is streaming through everything like the breath of God. It is the foundation of all existence. "
The rage of Element Earth soon reverts into deep disappointment, which results in a large lack of strength.

The Grizzly says:

"Man! Look into your heart.
Rediscover the love for creation and all creatures!
Man! Finally begin! Start now! "

Love goes to the First Moon of a new beginning and holds his head, gives him strength. Love is patient. It waits until it is seen.
Love has the feeling that it can have great influence on all life, if it is received in the hearts. It does not impose on anybody, it is just here.
It is clear for Love: As long as the First Man is without love and does not see it, he can not advance and can not be supported.
During the entire constellation Love is in a very easy mood. She feels the need to give itself everywhere.

But Love obviously cannot help the First Moon at this stage. The First Moon gets more and more sad, sobbs and now sinks slowly to the ground saying that he just wants to the Element Earth. Finally it lays stretched out in front of the Element Earth with its head between its feet. The First Moon in its despair gets protection by the power and presence of the Element Earth.

Grandmother Moon is coming from far away. It sees the sun next to it. It feels mature and wise and ancient, also light in weight and silvery shiny with cool devotion to everything.
For Grandmother Moon it only becomes interesting when the First Man appears. Before that she is floating more unconsciously. With the appearance of Man it becomes alert but also attentive. Its actions and its shining only now gets an aim, a purpose. Now it can exude its light and its messages and lessons that can be heard.
Grandmother Moon knows:

“Completeness and wholeness is formed by the bright and the dark side.”
It also knows that such a thing like a deep understanding of the connection to all and everything has not yet emerged in Man.

Grandmother Moon also has messages:

“Do not be afraid.

You are not alone.

Learn with me the ancient tides of life.

Pay homage to me, who also will move your descendents.”

Grandmother Moon develops maternal feelings for the First Moon, goes to it, sits down behind him, puts her hand on his back and tries to give him strength and warmth.

The Insight becomes weaker and weaker and sits powerless with bowed neck in front of the White Bison. All the sufferers, First Moon, Earth! Just as those two Insight feels helpless and powerless.
But suddenly Insight feels two hands on her shoulders from behind. It leans on these hands and breathes as sigh of relief.
It is the Strength that kneels behind her. The Strength, which notices upon the occurrence of the animals, that it is needed, thus getting power, gives Insight strength and confidence.
Together the two stand up. The Moon of the a new beginning (= First Moon) is asking for support. The Strength feels the call to gothere and leads the Insight to the First Moon, which lies at the feet of the Element Earth.
The Strength speaks to the Moon of a new beginning: "Get up!" But the Moon of a new beginning is still lacking the strength to erect.
The Insight lays its hand on the heart of the Moon of a new beginning, touches it gently and gives it healing power. Grandmother Moon, Love and Insight caress the First Moon for a long time. Also Element Earth now tells it to get up.
But the Moon of the a new beginning has become quiet only temporarily and starts to whimper again. Therefore Grandmother Moon tries to embrace it as much as possible. But that's not enough.
The First Moon says: "I need everybody".

From the very beginning the Element Fire stands in the ascending flames, emotional joy and burgeoning power.
When the Moon of a new beginning lays on the ground, the Element Fire has the message:
"It still takes a little while of purification of the earth and of Man, probably by the fire."

The Element Air is freedom. Nobody can see it, nor can anyone hold it.
By its existence power flows into all life.
The Element Air is connected with its siblings, the water, the fire and the element earth. Together they are strong. But their mother, the Earth, suffers.
The impurity that their family bears is large and weighs heavily.
However, Element Air feels the combat within. It is not yet willing to submit to contamination and disease.
It continues to fight because it gets its mission not from here.
Element Air brings motion into the rigid laws of the humans.
Its spirit blows over the melancholy of Man.
Element Air brings relief, new beginnings and inspiration into human thoughts.
Its task is to fulfill all life with its energy.
The message of the Element Air to Man is:
"Let your mind grow wings and hear my song that brings you ideas.
Use your inspirations and inventions to cure and preserve our Mother Earth. "

Element Air wants to whisper to Man:
"Like the wind you can still turn around.
Don’t let yourself be restricted and keep the easiness, so you preserve the overview and can see the perfection of creation. "

Element Air has a constant urge to move and is connected directly to a tremendous energy source. It stays nowhere for long and has a huge energy. It simply doesn’t allow being pulled down by the severe incidences. It can escape the constriction again and again and view the whole thing with more distance.
So Element Air says to the First Moon: "Start again".

Element Fire has a message for the First Man:
"Be like the children, pure, unprejudiced and spontaneous in expression and in your actions."

The Enlightenment and the Confidence start to say something simultaneously and fall silent at the same time. So the following message of Enlightenment remains unsaid:
"You are never alone."

Confidence orbits the Sun, the Earth and the Elements and approaches Enlightenment. Infinite joy and the feeling of intimate connectedness flood the Enlightenment. As the two embrace, Enlightenment begins to grow and gains strength and greatness. It feels now as column of light!
Confidence is moving slowly towards the Animals and joins the forces that gather around the “Moon of the renewal of the earth”. The Enlightenment likes that. It is full of sympathy for the First Man.
The Enlightenment wants to hold the hand of Wisdom which is kneeling on its right side.

 But Wisdom is looking at the First Moon, who is lying on the ground and who is, although surrounded by many good forces, still very weak. Wisdom goes to the First Moon and touches its head with the right hand. Then Wisdom gets up again. Love reaches Wisdom its right hand. The persistent sadness of Wisdom dissolves and with the other forces the two form a powerful circle around the First Moon and the First Man.

It appears to Wisdom that all the earthly and heavenly forces have to combine their energies to lead the earth with the human being into the new Age. It proceeds only heavily.

Very slowly also Enlightenment is attracted by the activities around the First Moon.
When the Creator asks the Grizzly to support the First Man, the impulse of the Enlightenment to approach the First Man is getting stronger. Slowly it comes closer, but remains outside the circle. Its place is between Love and Wisdom. With widely outstretched arms Enlightenment gives all its strength from its heart, to unite with all the present forces and elements. Growth stands next to Enlightenment with a similar gesture. They form the outer ring. At the right time they will step forward to the middle.
Gently, almost overnight they will be there.
needs Growth for a while - but first o all it needs Trust!

Growth now stands exactly in the middle between the Enlightenment and the Experience.
A strong, powerful energy comes to Growth now. Growth is common in many, many levels, not just on Mother Earth but throughout the cosmos.

But the First moon of a new beginning needs further support.
While more and more forces of the medicine wheel approach the area of the White Bison, the Animals, the First Man and the First Moon, Element Earth lets all its power flow to the First Moon and wishes that it would get up again.
Those forces, which are standing closest to the First Moon, now help it up on its feet. First Moon looks around with still quite heavy, suffering facial expression, sees all what has happening around him and finally notices the Guardian of the South, the Coyote.

When the First Moon rises, the Insight turns around and embraces the Strength. Insight needs Strength. Others are standing around them. All are embracing each other. A circle is forming. The First Moon, the Element Earth, the Insight and the Strength are in the middle.
Everything is connected, very close. A mighty field of power takes effect.

Standing the First Moon embraces Grandmother Moon tightly. More and more forces gather in the circle. Thus motion results. Grandmother Moon also feels held in a pleasant way. She now can also open her eyes and her feelings to the others.

The Creator's eye wanders across the whole.

From the beginning Father Sun is standing incredibly strong, clear and stable on his place. From head over torso, legs and feet energy flows from heaven to earth. The relation of the three celestial bodies, sun, moon and earth is harmonious. Father Sun clearly feels the collective rotation around a central point.
Father Sun experiences the stability, the strength and the upright posture in great purity and clarity. Warmth and embers develop.
Only the words of the Guardians of the Spirit and of Mother Earth very fine touch the center of Father Sun. All the other voices find no echo in his great purity, which also means emptiness.
Father Sun says the First Man:
"Honor the Creator in humility"

His appeal moves the system. Mother Earth rises. Mother Earth and Father Sun look each other in the eye for the first time. Father Sun goes over to Mother Earth and gently hugs her.
Father Sun and Mother Earth stand there like a couple. Love becomes very wide and feels infinite joy, when it looks back and sees this picture.
With external and internal distance Father Sun views, what is happening around the First Man and the Moon of a new beginning.

Mother Earth at first looks around and is pleased by the wind blowing through the trees. She speaks with the wind, which is getting stronger:

"I smell the fresh air, breathe it deep into my lungs.
Fields and meadows so mellow, green and full of life.
The flowers, they bloom, shine so colorful, move and grow.

The sky so blue, - the clouds wander,
On me, Mother Earth, it is verily nice.

But Mother Earth get’s burdened. Nausea rises up in her.
The power is lost, the knees get soft.
The senses wane, the consciousness leaks.
Almost lifeless she collapses, breathing is hard.
The water is filthy, the air is dirty.

From water life emerges, but how should that take place
With so much mud and so much dirt and nobody wants to give.

I don’t see it for the first time, what mankind does.
War and death, hate and misery, - how can you bear it?
It's all full of wealth, it's all there!
No fight - no more - no hollow - no struggle.
There is enough for everyone - evermore.

Brother Sun gives me strength, lets me rise again
We hold each other. Together we are strong.
But as the First Man only requires and expects, Mother Earth is Brother Sun’s support.

The First wants this, the First wants that.
The First needs this, the First needs that
Then he would like this and would liked that.
For the First it is not enough, what he has.

I miss the request, there’s only demand.
I miss humility, it’s sadly true.

Man is full of arrogance, - believes the highest he would be,
Full of greed and hatred, he always grabs at more.

It hurts me to see, he does not learn.
He has so much knowledge, yet finds no rest.

Though it would be so easy to open his heart,
Maybe he needs to go through great pain.
Why not! If he thus finds into life
and connects to the great and the whole.

A life of humility and respect to the whole
A life for omnipotence of the great and the whole.
To feel the knowledge - deep in the heart
To live the love - no more with pain.

Yes, - Knowledge is power - but love is mighty !!!
Who feels it and lives and shows and gives,
comes closer to the source with each heartbeat."

With progressive solution of the tension around the First Man Father Sun turns graciously to the activities. He is ready to approach humans and animals, but Mother Earth warnes him to stay.

From the very beginning the Guardian of the Spirit in the East, the Eagle, has a keen eye, a clear mind and a wide spirit.

Eyes to the sky, into the clouds, the light gusts of wind, the calling of the birds. The Eagle understands what it means to be part of the Great Spirit and to contribute its part to the whole with its own characteristics.
The Eagle gets in touch with the guardians of the spirit in the south, the west and the north. Cosmos and soul. The four guardians though are together the everlasting spirit that holds everything together, without which all would diffuse.
The words of the Eagle were the first to be said in the medicine wheel. It opened the constellation with the words to all: "Watch out and give good care."
The words of the others don’t really touch the Eagle, because the spirit is only the spirit.
When the First Moons and the First Man appear, this has little revelance for the Eagle. But as soon as the First Man demanded ever more and more and the development did not proceed, the Eagle gets unsettled. It can not understand this hesitation. Over time its unrest grows. It has to flap its wings more and more and step from one foot to the other. He would really like to lift itself into the skies ... let the spirit fly.
As the First Man is not moving forward, his fate doesn’t concern the Eagle much. It is his business, the Eagle knows, to advance or to perish. Everything is there. He only must do it. The wealth of the entire universe is at his disposal. Everything is a gift for him. Incomprehensible that he does not take it. In this case there is no place for pitifulness, only impatience.

At the beginning the Guardian of the South, the Coyote, is crushed by an unspeakable burden. He expresses his desire and his worry by the words:
"Show humility!"
Then he lets himself sink to the ground.
The Coyote knows too: All living beings need each other and they need the elements to struggle on Mother Earth for constancy and permanence, for life and energy, for happiness and existence. The Coyote feels love for all creatures. This love drives him to raise to speak warningly again and again:
 "Show humility and protect yourself from arrogance!"

The Creator's eye still wanders across the whole.

The Creator says to the Grizzly by pointing at the First Moon:
"Go there! It starts small. There you're needed."
At first reluctantly, but then understanding, the Grizzly walks to the First Moon, where the others have already gathered. There it gives the strength from the west.

Yet unstable on its feet the First Moon wishes the Coyote to come.
At a sign of the Creator the Coyote comes closer, but remains at the outer circle. Only at the invitation of the Element Earth, it closely steps up to the First Moon.

The Guardian of the Spirit of the north, the White Bison, at which left side the seed of the renewal of the earth has formed, flows and simply takes effect. Strong energies flow through it and shake it, which gradually succeed in getting free track, sometimes gentle and tender, then again violent and wild.
The activities leave the White Bison at first more or less uninvolved. He simply has to accomplish a task. Only when the Animals are standing next to the White Bison, deep sympathy arises in it and it looks warmly and affectionately at the innocence and the struggle of the Animals to restore confidence to the humans because of the new signing of the contract between the humans and the Animals.
The White Bison knows that the other guardians, the Eagle, the Coyote and the Bear are its brothers and it touches the passing Grizzly gently on its shoulder as a greeting.

Now the Creator also calls the White Bison into the action of the new beginning. The White Bison obeys gladly, because the energy will remain with him and now flows smoothly for supply, which is still needed. The White Bison feels that general closeness of the heart and unity extends within the circle of creation. It feels: So it has to be and will be - harmony.

Now it can begin:

The Creator commands Father Sun:


Father Sun steps back one step from Mother Earth and spreads his arms. When it raises its arms, the sun breaks through the clouds completely. Light and heat show an invigorating effect.
 "Go smoothly back to the Earth", the creator tells him. "You belong together". With open arms Father Sun now steps back to the side of Mother Earth.

The Creator looks at the Guardian of the Spirit in the east, the Eagle, and commands him with a wide gesture:


The Eagle rises with evolving emotions and outstretched wings.
Grateful for finally being allowed to move the Eagle takes its place in the large group, that has formed around the First Man, and gives him his blessing now.
The circle gets completed. All those present (except the Creator, Mother Earth and Father Sun) gather more and more in a small circle and embrace each other, hold each other, connect with each other, move closer and closer together, support each other, nurturing, connecting.

Salvation takes place, but still not quite. Some seems to remain unresolved. Also the First Moon is carrying something. But a big step towards healing and salvation seems accomplished, seems to open doors and to pave ways for that, what might still be missing and now can get prepared.

Despite the beautiful feeling of connection with the others, as all closely stand in the circle, it ist clear to the Animals:
The First Man still needs a lot of knowledge to be able to transform himself:
"Humility - gratitude - awe - trust in the higher, only then ..."

A knee of Grandmother Moon begins to tremble.

Someone says: "The human being must not be arrogant."

The Creator says: "Raise your hearts."

This is the final word.      



We all belong together