Family constellation work is one of the most effective healing methods. The success of family constellation work is explained by two things:

  1. 1.It sees the human being as part of the family system, therefore can both uncover and solve the pathogenic, familial entanglements, as well as make the supporting forces of the family accessible again.

  2. 2.In family constellations, "Representative Perception" is used to access information which is "in the air". This information is essential for healing. It relates to the whole person, the state of its soul, its organs and symptoms. The systemic information also shows possible connections to important events in the past of the family.

The method:

In family constellations the family system is set up spatially in a therapy group or in a private session. The systemic positions are represented by other group members. Here an amazing phenomenon shows: the „representative perception“. The representatives start to feel like the real family members, even if those have passed away a long time ago. The representatives communicate these feelings to the group. This makes the (secret) relationship structure of the family visible. Diseases and relationship disorders now have a real chance of recovery.

When does a family constellation make sense:

Whenever there are problems in life that you cannot solve yourself:

  1. - physical or mental illness, for example cancer, heart and lung diseases, skin diseases, depression, drug or alcohol dependence, anxiety disorders (and much more)

  2. -Relationship disorders, loneliness, dissatisfaction, problems with children

  3. -Problems at work, burn-out syndrome, lack of success, financial problems

Dr. Rauscher offers family constellations in workshops and individual therapy.
In individual sessions, the positions are marked on the floor with pieces of paper. Dr. Rauscher then goes into the various positions one after the other and collects important information for the healing process through the mechanism of "Representative Perception".



We all belong together