Dr. Rauscher offers private sessions with “Systemic Constellation Work” and with the energetic-shamanic healing method “Healing Voices”. In this individual therapy sessions, he treats physical and psychological symptoms and illnesses, depression, addictions, trauma, problems in relationships, children's behavioral problems, familial relationship disorders and professional difficulties.

In private constellation work, the systemic positions are marked with labeled papers on the floor. Dr. Rauscher steps into each position as a representative and collects the information needed to solve the existing problem.
Together with you Dr. Rauscher step by step develops the systemic solution during which you can give back inherited burdens from an earlier generation of your family, or find new sources of power in the system.
If you live far away you can book a private session via Skype worldwide.

Costs for private skype sessions (Constellation): 250 Euro (2 hours)

Private skype session (Healing Voices): 100 Euro (30 minutes)

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